My new beginning…!

Hey there!

I decided that this, this right here right now, is my new beginning.

My life has been so many things but easy, and sometimes we need a break, we need to get our shit together and start fresh! That is what i need now, that is what i’m doing.

From now on, i want to live the adventures that life throws at me, i want to say yes, i want to do things i love and force myself to TRY and do unknown things which i don’t know if i love or not but just go out and do it! It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be challenging, but i’ve always loved a good challenge ha!

I struggle with anxiety since like forever and i know it’s going to be difficult and i surely won’t be able to do everything, but still… i’m going to try ok? I’m going to try and do stuff, accept myself more, accept my anxiety more, i want to invest in myself and most of all i want to let go of bad feelings, i want to let go of my troubled past, and i want to let go all those bad thoughts i have sometimes. I don’t want to think about what i’m thinking all the time, i want to be free from my own mind and to do so i need to rule my mind first.

I don’t know if all of this makes sense to you, but it does for me!So LET’S DO IT.

If you want to follow my path through the adventures, You are very welcomed here!

Lots of love xx



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